Undergraduate Admissions

Prospective Undergraduates

Each year, more than 400 new freshmen and transfer students enter HIAMS-HIAEBS seeking an academically rigorous, practical centered education.Learn more about how to apply, where to turn for aid, and what it's like to study on HIAMS-HIAEBS campus.







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Full Admission for HND

This form of admission reserved only for students with the following qualifications:

    • Nursing and Business Studies: Advanced Level Passes in any two subjects excluding Religious Studies in one or more years or an equivalence
    • Other Programmes: Advanced level Passes in any two science subjects in one or more years or an equivalence

Conditional Admission for HND

Students who meet the following descriptions are those eligible for this form of admision:

    • Awaiting A level Results: Students currently writing Advanced level should be admitted under this dispensation.
    • One Advanced Level Pass: These students can only advance to the final year of their programme and take HND exam upon presentation of a pass in another A Level subject
    • No Advanced level Pass BUT at least Four OLevel Passes: These students will only advance to the second year of their programmes upon presentation of a pass in at least two A level subjects
  • No English Studies Background: These students can only start their programmes after taking our one month English language summer course in September or pass our English language Proficiency Exam written in October