While You WORK

For Assistant Nurses/Nurse Aids in TWO YEARS


Our Nursing Department is very unique and well organized to train world class modern general nurses, who should carry the profession one step further in Africa and the world at large. We train practical and advanced diploma nurses to North America, British and European standards in Africa. Our graduates have gained admission to further their studies in UK, North American, South African and other European Universities and they fit into these systems with great ease.Although at its infancy, we are fast gaining reputation in training the best modern nurses in our region. This is due to the collective efforts of our carefully selected dynamic team that blends talents with experienced and our student centered method of teaching which lays emphases on Enquiry Based Learning(EBL), creating professionals who are life long learners and who focus on Evidence Based Practice (EBP).

Entry Requirements

Two G.C.E. Advanced Level papers excluding Religion or its equivalent

A transcript showing at least one year of full time studies with clinical placement from your previous institution.

An attestation of current nursing assistant or aid employment (all are subject to verification by the institution)

Conversion from HND/HPD/SRN to Bachelors Degree in Nursing

Our HND graduates and other HND, HPD and SRN graduates from other institutions can also enroll for transition to Bachelors degree at HIAMS in 12 months


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Tel +237 670482702
CCAS Junction Buea Road Kumba,
Tel +237 676 03 50 75
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should i take this program?

Because you need it! It is the only available convenient route to advance your professional career without leaving work. Also you don't want to be left behind others advance in their nursing profession

When does this program start yearly at all HIAMS campus?

First Mondays of September ever year.

When does registration begin?

First week of July to end of September

Why starting in September when other institution start in October?

Because Assistant Nurses/Nurse Aids are Admitted into the second year of our program which gains first Mondays of September every year

How can i take this program when currently a full time practicing nurses assistant/nurse aid and not attend lectures daily?

This program is offered as a Long Distance Learning (LDL) program

What do you mean by Long Distance Learning (LDL)?

It is learning at the convenience of your home with minimal tutoring from an assigned nursing staff

How does the Long Distance Learning work?

Our LDL mainly involves self learning whereby notes (either online or hard copies) for all courses per semester are made available to you. You will be required to do independent Learning. In addition, you will give a weekly feedback during tutoring sessions which will come up mainly on Saturdays or other designated days.Our nursing staff will facilitate the sessions. Assignments, presentations and/or tests will be given during the sessions

Will there be additional clinical placement during the program?

No. Your regular work periods will be considered as clinical placement. However, you will be expected to follow our clinical placement procedure in order to be passed properly.For more information visit campus closest to you.

When will each semester exams be written?

First semester exams comes up 3rd week of December and second semester 1st or 2nd week of May. Ask for a copy of our academic calendar to see exact days and plan accordingly.

How do i get more information if needed?

Stop by any of our campuses or call the numbers anytime

How much is the tuition fees and can i pay installments?

Our tuition is 400,000FCFA per year. We will offer you a 30%