HND in Ultrasonography

Graduates with MLT Minor in 2 Year

Advanced Level Science Graduate in 3 Years

Philosophy of the Programme

This program comes to fill the big in Medical Sonography training today in Cameroon as there are no schools or courses that offer Medical Sonography training in Cameroon. In this program we aim to train first level general medical Sonographers who will be able to perform and interpret routnne Sonography scans to diagnose common medical disorder diagnosable by medical radiology.

HND curriculum

The curriculum for HND as designed by the Ministry of Higher Education in Cameroon has been incorporated into our curriculum. Graduates with an MLT Minor join the program in Year 2 and after completing two years, sit for the Cameroon HND exams in Sonography and obtain an HND Certificate. One credit represent 10 hours of teaching and learning over 8 weeks and 8 weeks of clinical placement (see detailed course structure)

Learning during this program shall be mostly enquired-based, classroom sandwiched with long distance delivery through E-learning, CDs or paper at patients' site. This course shall be covered progressively under four modules or main areas; Obsterics and Gyneacology, Abdomincal,Pediatrics and Small Parts and Cadiovascular. This program will build on experience students have gained during their studies as physicians, nurses or allied health professionals or Biomedical Science Graduates. A-Level graduates will gain full admission into this course after taking the one-year Institute premedical sciences courses.

We believe that progressive training in modules in modules, allows students to gain employment after the first two modules, or become useful to employers as functional Radiographers in a particular area, within the shortest possible time after their start of training.

Program Vision and Mission

It is the goal of HIAMS to graduate well prepared Sonography Technicians who are strong professionals both clinically and academically. We aim at developing flexible, skilled professionals who will be able to respond to a changing health care environment and who are of comparable standards to those in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.





Key Elements of our Program

  • Early, consistent and progressive exposure to practice
  • Ladder approach to career development
  • Equal exposure to practice and theory(50:50)
  • Skill based, preparing professionals for clearly identified roles,Meets current Cameroonian,American and European Standards

Aims of the Program

This program aims at training students to gain entry into Medical diagnostic Ultrasound as technologists or technologists or technicians by enabling them to:

  1. Develop a range of skills that are necessary to perform routine ultrasound scans in a safe environment
  2. Develop skills in recognizing normal and abnormal anatomy and physiology and pathology from routine obsterics, abdomincal, cardiovascular, pediatrics and small parts ultrasound
  3. Apply the skills developed in 1 and 2 above together with results from the other chemical or physical test and clinical findings to diagnose patients conditions or recommend further testing
  4. Communicate effecting with patients, their families and other health professionals
  5. Facilitate skills of criteria reflection, self-evaluation and continuous improvement and professional clinical practice
  6. Provide in-training and end of training employment for students and graduates.

Mininum Entry Requirements

Bachelors Degree in Microbiology, Biochemistry, Zoology with and MLT Minor for 2 years Transition.


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