Employers Comments

Dr Kome Amos, Ultrasound Services at CMA Mutengene Cameroon.

" The HIAMS graduates i'm working with gave good results and i also like the collaboration mostly especially in times of emergency. "


Kumba District Hospital Cameroon

Mrs. Matina Mueabe, The General Supervisor Kumba District Hospital Cameroon.

"HIAMS Students are always making the difference in their work and in their behaviour, they don't steal, fight, or discriminate as other institutions".

Mrs. Christal Berinium, Female Medical ward charge Kumba District Hospital Cameroon.

"HIAMS students are wonderful, we don't believe that they students are just level one".

Mrs. Dinka Fanny, in-charge Male Medical ward  Kumba District Hospital Cameroon. 

"The students are punctual and hard working".

Mrs. Anne Marie Manyi Njang, in-charge Male Surgical ward Kumba District Hospital Cameroon.

"The only HIAMS student working with me is the King".

Mrs. Kome Mary, in-charge Female Surgical ward

"HIAMS always trains students up to the standards, the students are working with confidence and seriousness although they are just level one students".

Mr. Takang Lawrence, Medical laboratory(Head) Kumba District Hospital Cameroon. 

"The students are very hard working, respectful and punctual".


Midwife PMI Buea Road

"The HIAMS graduates are conducting Echography (obstetrical) and the feedback report is positive, every Wednesday, pregnant women are checked and are satisfied; the management of the H/C too are satisfied."


Dr. Mbam Leonard Amebindei (M.D) FHS-UD

"The HIAMS graduates give clear and concise Echography reports.