Cameroon is poised on becoming an Emergent Economy by the year 2035. For this to be realized, Cameroon requires a double digit growth rate. The Head of State President Paul Biya has encouraged Cameroonian youth to take bold action and risks to make their lives better through creating businesses and jobs. The Government of Cameroon now even has schemes in place to help youth develop viable businesses in Cameroon.

We have been authorized by the Ministry of Higher Education to create and open the Higher Institute of Applied Medical Sciences Buea, since 2008, we have been awarded two British Council Grants to develop curricula for Nursing and Nursing Education in Cameroon. We have developed and implemented these curricula together with the University of Buea with outstanding success, best HND Nursing 2012, and 2014.

Our nursing graduates work in the St Elizabeth Hospital Cardiac Centre Shisong and other centres of excellence in Cameroon, while others are at Coventry University, University of Buea studying for Master’s Degree or in South Africa or USA, all doing exceptionally well.

Our medical laboratory science graduates continue to break grounds in laboratories in Douala or as medical sales agents all over the country and abroad. Some are at University of Buea studying for their Master’s Degree in Molecular Diagnostic Science or Molecular Biology or working at Biotechnology Laboratory as research assistants.

We are the only school in Cameroon training Ultrasound Technicians (Echography Technicians), and all our graduates are overwhelmed with job offers even before they graduate in Douala, Yaounde, Kumba and Buea.

Our Ultrasound graduates also have the opportunity to join our hospital ultrasound equipment operation lease programme on an attractive business offer.

There are also lots of opportunities in pharmacies for pharmacy technicians or in rehabilitation centres or sports for physiotherapists.

HIAMS Vision

To be a major contributor in improving the quality of life in Cameroon and other sub-Saharan countries.


The mission of HIAMS is to form, liberate, develop and create employment opportunities for individuals, so that they can better function as resourceful and sustained contributors to human society, while uncovering and disseminating knowledge and contributing directly to a healthy and prosperous society, through long-range planning and innovation.


The Objectives of HIAMS are to:

Train skilled health personnel of USA, UK, and Canada standards with adequate exposure to tropical medicine.

Create student/staff and other health professionals career development opportunities.

Uncover and disseminate knowledge through active participation in health research.

Provide quality health care services, educational programmes and consultancy to the community.

Create employment opportunities for graduates.

Create an enabling environment that is dynamic and promotes creativity and innovation in structure, belief and orientation.

 HIAMS will provide you with the requred training in the following fields of medical sciences;

Medical Laboratory Sciences

HIAMS provides a Bachelor's degree as well as a HND on medical laboratory sciences haven graduated their very first Batch of medical laboratory scientists on December 2011. The training facilities as well as the tutors of this degree program are top notch and themselves haven't been trained in top medical institutions as well as hospitals around the world, makes them undoubtably fit to provide you with the training to make you the type of Medical Laboratory Scientist you want to be and even Better.

Work and Study (Assistant Lab Tech to HND in Medcal Laboratory Sciences)

HIAMS possesses highly rated tutors and facilities in this field of studies as in all our other programs. This provides just the environment you need to gain all the neccessary skills in this field of medical sciences.


HIAMS graduates students with a Bachelor's degree in Nursing after Four years as well as a HND after Three years, haven graduated the third Btech and fourth HND batch of nurses on the 6th of December 2014. The most recent graduants proved the efficiency of the training culture by graduating the Best Nursing student in Cameroon after both theoretical and practical assessments.


HIAMS provides a Bachelor's degree after Four years as well as a HND after Three years on Ultrasonography and the very first HND batch was graduated  on the 6th of December 2014. The training facilities and equipments are built to match those of the best Hospitals. Also, the tutors of this degree program are well trained professionals in this field of medical sciences.

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