HND Degree in Management, Marketing and Banking and Finance


The Higher Institute of Applied Engineering and Business Studies (HIAEBS) is unique and well organized to train and empower a new class of entrepreneurs for the rapid growth of Cameroon. This institution hopes to be a leading Cameroonian Business School with an International Reputation for innovative business learning and teaching that is relevant to a fast-changing, business world. In this light we aspire to be a breeding ground in developing ideas and business leaders and entrepreneurs who are capable of solving unprecedented business and economic challenges.

HND Curriculum

The curriculum for HND as designed by the Ministry of Higher Education in Cameroon has been incorporated into our curriculum.Advanced Level graduates completed 2 years after they sit for the Cameroon Government HND Exam and acquire and HND Certifcate (see detailed course structure).
One credit represents 10 hours of teaching and learning over 10 weeks and 4 weeks placement.

Minimum Entry requirements

G.C.E Advanced Level Certificate excluding Religion or is equivalent

Conversion from HND to Bachelor in Technology Degree

Our HND graduates are eligible to enroll for a conversion to Bachelors in Technology with specialties in E-Marketing, Project Management, E-Business, Tourism, Applied Accounting, Taxation, Project Financing, Banking Operations, Stock Broking and Insurance at HIAEBS in 12 months or apply for admission into our British partner University; University of East Anglia or University of Coventry or any of our European or North American partner institutions of Higher Learning to study for a Bachelors in Technololgy in 12-24 months.

Program Vision and Mission

HIABES aspires to equip Business Professionals to succeed in a fast changing business world we believe that in order for us to achieve this, we need to maximize the connections between excellent innovative business research, learning and teaching across disciplines and work with partners and stakeholder who share our aspirations and values.

Higher Institute of Applied Engineering and Business Studies
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Tel +237 670 48 27 02 / +237 70 48 27 02
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Key Elements of our Program

We are unique for the fact that our program:

  • Offers prolonged early and regular exposure to practice placements from the onset of the program to facilitate the integration of theory and practice.
  • Integration of theory and practice through end-of-week case studies
  • Places value on strong and early emphasis on the acquisition of business and life long learning skills through the use of Enquiry Based Learning(WBL).
  • Implements academic and cultural student exchange programs with other Africa, USA and UK partners to build world class leaders.

 Course Structure for Advanced Level Students

Year 1 First Semester

Course Code  Course Title Credit Value
 BUS 1001 Introduction to Business 6
 BUS 1003  Business Sociology 6
 BUS 1005  Business Environment 6
 BUS 1007  Business Communication in English I 6
 BUS 1009  Entrepreneurship I: Needs and Creativity 4
 BUS 1011  Business Psychology 4
 BUS 1013  Business Application Software I: Net suite Practicals 4
 CVE 1000  Civics and Ethics 4
 ICT 1000  Information and Communication Technology 2
 BUS 1015  Principles of Macroeconomics and Microeconomics 6
 BUS 1017 Cost and Management 4
  TOTAL 42


Year 1 Second Semester

Course Code Course Title Credit Value
BUS 1002 Business Mathematics and Analysis 6
BUS 1004 Business Application Software II:ERP 4
BUS 1006 Fundamentals of Accounting 6
BUS 1008 Fundamentals of Management 6
BUS 1010 Fundamentals of Marketing 4
BUS 1012 Fundamentals of Finance 4
BUS 1014 Fundamentals of Banking 4
BUS 1016 Business Law and Ethics 4
ENG 1000 Use of English 4
BUS 1018 Entrepreneurship II: Project Planning and Business Mmt 4
BUS 1020 Fundamentals of Insurance  
  TOTAL 44