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Laura Agbor

"HIAMs, is a good place to learn, i started HIAMs, but did not finish the program, i left and went to USA, my dear people i regrat why i didnt finish, because an seeing a great difference over here. The teaches there in my time were wonderful, they break down nursing and just give you to chew. I still regreat not finishing the program because by now i should be woking as a nurse, by just taking board exam and you are good to go. Nobody told me this, but all the same, many thanks to our owesome God. So i encourage you guys to take that wonderful oppotunity, to set your goals. Love yall."


Prisca Ngea

"HIAMS is a place to be, a place with lots of values. Great is my delight to had been there".


Doris Arah

"HIAMS is great, sonography is the best"

Nkai Enow

"HIAMS on the Move, what a great experience with HIAMS, I am Blessed"


Mbu Oliver Ndoh

"i love hiams programs and pray the good lord should equally see them through the vision in the masters programs in nursing.HIAMS IS NOT JUST A PLACE TO BE BUT A PLACE YOU NEED".


Nkai Enow

"HIAMS a st'dard to celebrate,Keep up".

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