DICAL LAB TEC while you work

For Assistant Medical Lab Technicians/ Biological Science Graduates with Minor in MLT in TWO YEARS


Our program is designed to train world class dynamic,competent, ethical and modern professional technologist and scientist. It represents a major step forward in the academic ladder approach to career development and was drawn up taking into consideration the BMP system utilized by the University of Buea, Faculty of Health Sciences, Bachelor of Technology degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences.

Graduates in Biochemistry, Microbiology, Chemistry and Zoology with an MLT Minor and assistant Lab Technicians join our program in the second year and after completing two years, sit for the Cameroon Government HND exam in Medical Laboratory Technology

Minimum Entry Requirement

Two A Level pass with one science subject excluding Religion or its equivalent

A transcript showing at least one year of full time studies with clinical placement from previous institution

Bachelors degree in either Microbiology, Biochemistry or Zoology with an MLT Minor

An attestation of current employment in a laboratory setting(subject to verification by the Institute)

Our HND graduate and those from other institutions are eligible too enroll for a conversion to Bachelors in Medical Laboratory Sciences at HIAMS in 12 months


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take this program?

Because you need it!. It is the only available convenient route to advance your professional career without leaving work. Also you don't want to be left behind while others bypassing you professionally

When does this program usually starts every year at HIAMS?

Why starting in September when other institutions start in October?
Because Assistant Lab Techs/Biological Science graduate are admitted into the second year of our program which begins first Mondays of September every year.

Why start in September when other institutions start in October

Because Assistant Lab/Biological Science graduate are admitted into the second year of our program which begins first Mondays of September every year.


How can i take this program when currently practicing full time and can not attend lectures daily?

This program is offered as a Long Distance Learning (LDL) program

What do you mean by Long Distance Learning (LDL)?

It is learning at the convenient of your home with minimal coaching from an assigned tutor.

How does Long Distance Learning work?

Our LDL mainly constitute of self learning. That is, notes (online, hard copies or soft copies) for all courses per semester will be made available to you. You will be expected to do a lot of independent Learning. This will be given during these sessions.

Will there be additional clinical placement during the program?

No.Your regular work periods will be considered as clinical placement. However, you will be expected to follow our clinical placement procedure in order to be assessed properly. That is, you will be expected to write and submit a portfolio at the end of every semester placement.

When will each semester exams be written?

First semester exams comes up 3rd week of December and second semester 1st or 2nd week on May.

How do i get more information or assistance if needed?

Stop by the any of our campus offices or call the numbers on this flyer anytime.

How much is the tuition fees and can i pay installments?

Our tuition is 400,000FACFA per year. We will offer you a 50% discount if you enroll now. All other fees (application and registration) apply!.